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Helpful Tips Lawn Care for Every Homeowner

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Nobody said that mowing the lawn is easy, much more if your property is a fairly big one. If you need to mow your lawn, then what you need is a functional lawn mower. Only then you’ll be ready to handle those grasses and make yourself a well-manicured lawn.

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Before starting up the mower, be sure that there are no obstructions on the lawn that could get in the way of the blades. If your mower is a bit old, add oil to its major moving parts. You may also have to sharpen the blades to ensure or else the grass will get some rugged cut. It’s best to sharpen the blades before every use to ensure the perfect cut. Do this even if you’ve just purchased the lawn mower.

Why You Need Shape Blades

A lot of people are not comfortable using lawn mowers with razor-sharp blades. But this is what’s needed to give your lawn a more efficient cut. A sharp blade is also safer than using a dull one. Since sharp blades are required, you should be more concerned about how to sharpen the ones in your lawn mower.

For that, you may call the experts in Portland lawn services. They can show you how to sharpen lawn mower blades or they can do it for you too. They may also help you with all the other tasks that you have to do on your lawn, including mowing. They will tune-up your lawn mower as well.

Tips When Mowing Lawns

There are many things that you should learn how to do if you intend to mow your lawn on your own. Some of those things are listed below. Be sure to follow these tips and tricks for a stress-free lawn mowing experience.

1. Set the height of the lawn mower wheels correctly.

Different lawns have different grasses planted on them. If you have planted zoysia on your lawn or any other type of warm-season grass, then the right cut is between half an inch and two inches. If you have fescue, bluegrass, or any type of cool-season grass, then the right height is from 3 to 3 1/2 inches. To cut the grass to the right height, the wheels of the lawn mower have to be duly adjusted. Read the manual and find out how this is done.

2. Clean the entire yard.

Clearing the yard for any object or obstruction is a safety precaution that everybody should practice. If there are obstacles that can’t be removed, then you have to duly mark them. It’s strongly advised that you rake the lawn first to pick up loose stones, fallen branches, small toys, dog bones, bottles, cans, and similar objects. Do note that if you miss any of these objects on the lawn and the lawn mower moves over it, they will be propelled out of the discharge chute at a very high speed. That’s when lawn mowing gets hazardous.

3. Mow your yard frequently.

Mow your lawn as frequently as possible for the best results. Mow right after the last morning dew has dried up. You also have to keep your grass at a certain height so mow the lawn before it reaches that height. Mowing your lawn once every two weeks is good enough. However, if the weather is wet and warm, you might have to mow your lawn every week.

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